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Black Talon Armory is owned and operated by US Army Veteran Joseph Fernandez. His tour of service (2002-2009) consists of 3 combat deployments as an 11B Infantryman with 101st Airborne division. In that time his direct actions led to the successful completion of hundreds of raids during both mounted and dismounted patrols. 
While with the 1-187th Infantry Regiment, SSG. Fernandez trained both US and Multi-National Forces where he developed a love for educating and firearms. Since his ETS from the military he's continued to stay in the firearm industry by pursuing his interests in long range marksmanship, combat pistol shooting ,firearm manufacturing, reloading and cerakote finishes.
Whether in need of self-defense training, smithing services or a quality cerakote finish don't hesitate to contact him with questions. His passion for his chosen profession really bleeds through into his classes and his upbeat personality allows his students to connect with him.
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